S.A.I.D., inc.- We move data from paper to computer. Offering data entry, data processing, CD archival solutions, OCR, and scanning in Falls Church, Virginia.We move data from paper to computer.


[S.A.I.D. Home] [Data Entry] [data scanning] [Request Quote] [About S.A.I.D.] We scan your pages and convert the text by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to ASCII files or popular word processing and spreadsheet files for your computer.

INPUT - We can scan from many machine-printed documents in any layout even on pages with graphics and photos.

OUTPUT - ASCII files or popular word processing and spreadsheet application formats on diskettes, CD, magnetic tape, laser printers, and via electronic communications including email.

AUXILIARY PROCESSING SERVICES - See the separate pages on this web site for DATA ENTRY and DATA SCANNING. We can pass scanned text through an operator-assisted process to correct conversion and spelling errors, create CD/DVD databases with ASCII text and link ASCII files to images, and supplement OCR scanning with keyed data entry achieving 99.95% accuracy using key verification. Also, we perform word processing and desktop publishing with full-service digital print and copy center support.

APPLICATIONS - Creation of computer files in ASCII or word processing formats for changing or recreating your printed source documents. Spelling corrections, editing drafts and integration of texts from existing source documents or computer files. Creation of CD/DVD archives or data bases for rapid data retrieval. Replacement of cumbersome microform (microfiche and microfilm) technology with significant retrieval improvements.


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